Fairy Gardens For Beginners: Campfire

Nothing encapsulates summer quite like a campfire. When I was a kid, camping was a must, and most of our summer was spent with family out in the woods. During this time, we had a fire going 24/7. Around the campfire was where the s’mores were made and the best conversations were had.

It’s no surprise, then, that I have great nostalgia for campfires. So, since we are in the very middle of summer, I figured it was an appropriate time for our fairies to have a little fire of their own.

When it comes to supplies, this craft is insanely cheap. If you can obtain a glue gun (usually around $10 at Michaels, sometimes even cheaper), then everything else can be found within your home and in your own backyard. This is probably the cheapest craft I have ever made aside from the fairy broom. 




Glue Gun




First, you’ll want to turn your glue gun on so that it can heat up. While it does this, you’ll want to cut your twigs into equal lengths, usually around 1 1/2 inches each. You’ll need five or six of them, depending on how skinny they are.

Once your glue gun is warm, you’ll take two or three sticks and stand them up almost straight, but leaning inward a bit, almost as if it is already half of the campfire. Add a medium-sized glob of glue at the top where each stick meets.

Hold them in place as you set down your glue gun and quickly grab the other sticks to attach to the glue. Hold this in place for about fifteen seconds. If your glue doesn’t want to hold the shape for some reason (not all glue guns are up to the task), you can use Super Glue in between sticks to hold the shape.

Lastly, figure out where you want the fire to be in your garden. Place the glued twigs there and use your pebbles to create a circle around the formation.



There you have it! It’s super easy, and other than the glue it’s all natural and free items. Those are two things that this thrifty nifty nanny likes.

If you’re feeling a little more crafty and want something that’s more reinforced than just a glob of glue, then you can also use wire or wood-colored thread to tie the sticks together. I was feeling lazy and wanted to make it quickly, so I opted for the glue gun, but obviously there are dozens of different ways to make it. It’s just a matter of finding what floats your boat without sinking your wallet!

If you don’t love the idea of working with a glue gun, check out this adorable article on setting up an entire fairy campground, complete with a no-glue fire pit.

This next week I’ll have a few more summer recipes, especially for dessert, and I’ll be updating you on the crafting that I’ve been doing to get ready for school and the holidays.

Until next time,

Stay nifty.


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