Fairy Gardens For Beginners: Fences

Fun fact: One of the first things that inspired me to start my own fairy garden was a fairy fence in the yard of the girls that I nanny for. They have had a fairy garden for years that they’ve maintained, but much of what they had was store-bought, and it seemed expensive to me. I can hardly afford to go see a movie, so I didn’t plan on tossing money at something that seemed a bit frivolous at the time.

But then one day I noticed a little fence that popped up in their garden. It was just Made of twigs and some wire. I asked them where they bought it, and they said that their mom had made it. That’s when I started to think that maybe I could start my own garden by making things instead of purchasing them. This fence is the first thing I ever made.

IMG_2364 (1)

Making a fence for your fairy garden garden can be one of the cutest, easiest ways to get started. Even if you have zero background in crafts, you can still do this.

You Will Need: 


Pruning shears or strong knife

Wire (Easily bought at Michael’s or Joann’s)

The first thing you have to do is collect the sticks. This is the most fun part, especially if it’s nice out. Take a nice stroll through the woods, soak up some sun, and look for twigs that are relatively straight and don’t have other pieces growing off of them.

Once you have these, cut them to be the same size, roughly (it doesn’t have to be totally perfect, but get as close as possible). Cut as few or as many as you want, this is your fence and you know how long or short it should be!



Next, you’ll line up the twigs with about an inch of space in between each one. Then, unroll your wire and lay it over the length of the twigs. Leave about three extra inches at each end and then cut. Repeat this step with another length of wire.

It’s better here to have too much that too little. You can always cut off extra, but you never want to come up short.

Then, you’ll take your two pieces of wire and line them up on opposite sides of your first twig, toward the top of said twig (leave at least an inch of space). On the side where the ends of the wire are lined up, twist them together several times until it feels relatively strong and stable.


On the other side, where the long part of the wire is, twist several times. Make sure that the knot gets right up against the twig to keep it in place.


Lastly, grab the next twig and wrap the wires around it, twisting on the other side. Repeat this step until your fairy fence is done. Cut of any wire on the end that feels like major excess, but leave enough to keep the end of the fence secure. If ever a twig in the line comes loose, just twist a few more times and it will go back in place.

You can repeat all of the above steps for another line of wire at the bottom of the fence, but I usually like my fences to be malleable and easy to move around, so I always just do the top part. But whatever floats your boat is great!

If you have a fairy fence in your garden that you’re particularly proud of, take a picture of it and leave it in the comments below.


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