Craft: DIY Crate Shelf


After moving into my first apartment with The Boyfriend earlier this year, I began to realize how strangely certain things were priced. Specifically, furniture. There were many surprises as to how spendy some things can be, such as towels and chairs. The most shocking thing I found was that shelving frequently ran about $80 for basic bookshelf setups.

After telling my dad about this issue, he gave me an idea that made me feel silly for not thinking about it first: Go get some crates for around $5 a piece, paint them, and screw the bottom into the wall.

This information must have been fate, because as I walked into Joann Fabric the very next day, I noticed a big sale on crates. This sale combined with several 50% off coupons allowed me to get two crates for about $6 each. I painted one green with a bottle of paint that cost roughly $2 down at the Michaels in Washington. The other one I left unpainted because I didn’t want them both to be the same color.


Crates (make sure they are sturdy)


Paint Brushes






Put on a cool movie and paint away! I started at the top and worked my way down. Once the paint has dried overnight, place the bottom of the crate against the wall and drill screws into any wall studs you can find for stability.



You can stack the crates tall, but I chose to place them side by side so that I could use the tops of the crates as even more shelving. If you have any fun cloth lying around, decorate your crates by draping it over the top.

And just like that – voila! Nice DIY shelves for only $21 worth of materials (including crates, paint, and paint brush set). If you’re also a broke college student who desperately needs some storage space but can’t afford the expensive bookshelves from the store, this is an excellent alternative.


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