Overnight Banana Cacao Oatmeal

I’ll be honest guys, I was late to the overnight oats party. It was one of those trends that I wrote off when it first popped up, like the salad in a jar and all those other Pinterest miracles. Once I actually gave it a fair shot, though, it was life-changing. I love waking up to a filling breakfast, but in the mornings I’m too much of a zombie to prepare one. So, I’ve spent the past year perfecting my overnight oats game. This overnight banana cacao oatmeal is my favorite rendition of the trend.

What I love most is that the raw cacao nibs provide a bit of a crunch to break up the mushy oatmeal texture, while still providing an added layer of depth and flavor to it. Paired with a banana, it basically tastes like someone took a banana split and turned it into a breakfast.

And who doesn’t want a banana split for breakfast?

Here’s how to make this easy breakfast the night before.

Serves 1


1/2 Cup Instant or Quick Oatmeal

1 Banana

1 Tablespoon Cacao Nibs

1/2 Cup Almond Milk

2 Teaspoons Honey


Add oatmeal, sliced banana pieces, cacao, and almond milk in layers. Place in fridge overnight. Stir together the next morning and mix in honey. Enjoy cold.

Even though I was late to the overnight oats party, I will say that I’ve embraced it wholeheartedly now that I’m here. It’s gotten me through some overslept alarms, some all-nighters, and some crazy early mornings. It typically keeps me full well into the early afternoon, which means I’m not snacking all morning.

Around here, the birds are still chirping and the weather is creeping closer and closer to thawing season. I started my spinach and onion seeds inside, my first time growing anything from seeds. I can feel summer on its way and I’m content in the meantime.

Until next time, keep chirping.

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