Photos From Rural Montana

It’s been a few weeks since our return from our three-state trip. Since we touched down in Anchorage, I’ve found my mind drifting back to our short time spent in some of the rural areas of Montana. I’ve tried to sit down and write posts about it, attempting to put adjectives and nouns to the beauty of the place. But every time, I delete my work, usually swearing under my breath as I did so.

The truth is that Montana was breathtaking. And I didn’t want to write a piece about it that had the usual stereotypical spin. Those articles written by people living coast-side, about how middle America is “another world.” They characterize it as nothing but farmland with friendly (but kinda racist and overweight) simpleton conservative residents.

But the tiny fraction of Montana that I saw was so much more than that. I saw people, conservative and liberal, living bold, funny, exuberant lives and dreaming big. And there’s nothing I can write about it that won’t sound reductive or trite, the work of a former city girl slumming it on the plains for a few days.

So I won’t tell. I’ll just show.

Until next time, remember to love your neighbor.

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  1. kslater says:

    Amazing pictures. Thank you.

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