Recipe Round-Up: December 2016

Another month has passed, and with it came many new recipes to try. Although time was short, I did manage to squeeze in a few new, exciting learning moments with foods that I had never made before. It gave me a really good momentum that I hope to take into 2017.

Of course, since December is filled with Christmas cheer, most of these recipes are holiday-oriented, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them year-round. I’ll eat Christmas ham in August if I want to, just watch me!

Main Course

Paula Deen’s recipe for Christmas ham was a huge hit at my holiday party, and therefore I felt obligated to share it with you. The ham had a hint of sweetness to it but remained savory and moist throughout the night. Plus, the leftovers were great for making a ham sandwich the next day, so it was a win-win for everyone. I got the ham at Costco and do not regret it a bit.


This recipe forĀ French bread is an excellent way to a) try making bread if you’re a first-timer, and b) have bread to accompany your cheese platter at a party. It’s dense but fluffy at the same time, and it doesn’t require a ton of active time. Plus, fresh French bread is easily the greatest thing of all time, and if you eat a slice warm, the butter melts on it and brings out all the great natural flavors.


This recipe for Russian Tea Cookies was a nice addition to my cookie exchange. Since exchanges tend to have lots of rich, sugary options, these tea cookies were small and not overly sweet. Sort of like a palate cleanser in between heavier cookies. Plus, they melt in your mouth if you are drinking tea or coffee. Which, incidentally, I always am.

Do you have any recipe discoveries from this past month?

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