Recipe Round-Up: November 2016


Last month, I began a new segment on the blog called Recipe Round-Up, where I share with you the recipes that I have been using that I found yummy enough to recommend. For November, my butt was saved at several family functions by these recipes, and I am eternally grateful for that.


This recipe for Chai has helped warm me up on several occasions since the weather turned cool, and it pleased all the ladies in my family at a crafting party (yes, I am lame and attend crafting parties, get off my back). It’s sweet, but not syrupy, which means that you can go back for seconds without a sugar hangover later. Plus, the spice helps keep you warm even after the drink has gone cold.

For adult beverages with a little nostalgia, take my sister’s advice and add a shot of peppermint schnappes to your hot chocolate. Top with whipped cream and/or marshmallows. Voila, you have a grown up drink that will give everyone the feels at your Christmas party.


I used this cornbread recipe as a side dish at my Thanksgiving dinner (which I successfully hosted, thank you very much), and it was a huge hit. It’s soft and light, and not as grainy as some cornbread recipes tend to be. It’s perfect for slathering on some butter and jam, or even gravy if you like it savory.


This Best Brownies recipe is really easy to make if you have people coming over and you need something delicious with minimal ingredients ASAP. They were gooey without losing their structure, which in my opinion does make them the perfect brownie.

That’s all I have for the month of November. I hope that all of you made it through Thanksgiving intact, with your skinny jeans still able to button (spoiler alert: I didn’t). If you have a recipe that you think the world absolutely must know about, feel free to leave it in the comments below, along with a link to your blog.

Until next time, happy recipe hunting.



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