Recipe Round-Up: October

I’ve been thinking for a while about doing a post that showcases the recipes I’ve fallen in love with. At first I thought about just writing a one-off, but then I realized that that would be silly. After all, I’m constantly finding new recipes from great bloggers that challenge me, inspire me, and keep me well-fed. So, I figured a monthly recipe round-up would be more appropriate.

In October, I found myself craving a lot of heavy foods. I think my body is trying to go into hibernation. Soon I’ll spend my days drinking endless cups of hot chocolate while watching 8 Crazy Nights on repeat and eating cookies from the Tollhouse Cafe.


The first recipe on this list used spice to warm me up. The Coconut Curry from Cookie and Kate’s blog is a rare find. I have made it countless times over the last few weeks, and I still crave it at least once a week. The ingredients were easy to find, and the recipe was simple to follow. Plus, the leftovers tasted just as good as the fresh one.

(I would have put a photo here, but unfortunately this curry is a bit unphotogenic. The photo at Cookie and Kate is much better).

For the second recipe, I was interested in finding a good side for a burger concoction that I’ve been working on. This recipe from Woman’s Day proved to be the perfect side, because it had that heft that you want out of a potato salad, but the celery helped lighten it a bit. It was a huge hit when I fed it to my parents, and they would never lie to me about food, so I know that it was good.


The last recipe on this list is a dessert, and one that is well-tested. Rosanna Pansino has a huge following, and her fondant recipe has proven to be reliable over and over again for myself and others. If you’re new to working with fondant, this is a great way to start.

Those are my favorite recipes from the month of October, I hope you found something that got you interested. I’ll be doing this at the end of every month, so if you have any recipes that you want to be featured on here, leave a link to them in the comments down below.

Until next time, test your recipes and love your dinner!

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