On Savoring The Good Days

Winter is hard.

Perhaps this is a blanket statement, all too assuming about how other people feel at this time of year. Some people love winter. The holidays, the snow, the ice skating. It’s all so romantic. But for most of us, there hits a point where that magic ends, and it’s difficult beyond measure. Waking up early to scrape ice off your car while being soaked in snow, getting so cold that your muscles tense, and the mushy, bruised fruit at the store. For those of us who suffer from winter depression, it hits a point where enough is enough.

I have tried the supplements. I have tried exercising. I have tried meditation. None of it was enough to take away the general “down” feeling that I carried with me. The breaking point came back in December, when I realized that I had cried every day for two weeks straight. Often, the tears came on from the most minute issues, things that would never have bothered me at any other point. It was a hard realization to have, especially so early in our long, long cold season.

So, how do I stare down the next eight weeks of winter when I barely have enough motivation to go grocery shopping? How do I put on a brave face long enough to go out on the weekends, or go on a date with The Boyfriend, or even just enjoy my own company? How do I get through it without driving everyone around me insane from my constant complaining?

I don’t know the answers to those questions. But last week, temperatures rose to a balmy 30 degrees. The sky opened to reveal the once-absentee sun, and for a brief moment we could all feel warmth on our skin. For that short time, I remembered what it was like to walk through a park with bare feet, feeling warm grass against the soles.

We loaded Moosie into the car and drove her up to open field at the end of our road. We let her off the leash, and The Boyfriend threw the ball for her while I stood in the sunshine, letting it soak in while I had the chance. After almost an hour, Moosie was ready to pile back into the car.

We stopped for coffee on the way home, and then spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch. With Moosie on my lap, my feet tucked warmly underneath my main man, and an episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on the TV, I felt content in a way that I hadn’t been in a long time. If the rest of winter could be like that day, I would make it through no problem.

And that single day has managed to get me through the past week, even as temperatures have dropped again and snow has abounded. By savoring the moment of a good day, I was able to look past a couple of the bad days.

And maybe, if we can savor enough of those good days, the bad ones will seem like small bumps in the road.

Until next time, keep seeing the good.


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