Strawberry Yogurt Tart

After months and months of mushy, molded strawberries at ridiculous prices, Alaska finally received its rightful fresh produce. This usually starts to happen around April each year. Suddenly, the avocados aren’t over-ripe straight out of the bins, and the blueberries actually have flavor to them. It’s like it happens overnight here.

I’ve been anticipating the return of the fresh strawberries since November, when they started to arrive with white fuzz already covering them. I knew that, come summer, I would turn them into something fabulous.

I just didn’t know it would be this easy.

This strawberry tart is so simple that I actually wondered if I should put it on here. It doesn’t even feel like a recipe. But I also know that when I began to¬†cook, graham cracker crusts seemed super difficult, and I did need some guidance on it. After all, cooking is only instinctive once you’ve been doing it regularly for quite a while. For the longest time, I felt lost and confused by every single dish I made, including tarts.

So, let me be your guide on this one, and you can sit back, take it easy, and enjoy your summery treat.

Here’s how you make it.


6 Graham Cracker Sheets

1/4 Cup Almonds

3 Teaspoons Sugar

4 Tablespoons Melted Butter

2 Cups Plain Greek Yogurt (Full Fat)

3 Tablespoons Honey

4-5 Strawberries, Washed And Hulled


Preheat oven to 375 F.

For the crust, crush the crackers, almonds, and sugar together using either a food processor or a Ziploc bag and mallet. Once the mixture has roughly the texture of sand, pour into a 9-inch tart pan. Pour melted butter over crust mixture and use hands to mix them until butter is incorporated. Shape the crust with your hands, pressing up against the sides of the pan and flattening along the bottom.

Bake for 12 minutes, then let cool completely.

For the filling, mix together yogurt and honey until well-combined. If you want it to be very sweet, add a fourth tablespoon of honey, but do a taste test first. Add to cooled crust and top with strawberries, decorating any way you want.

Refrigerate ten minutes and serve cold.

I will say that you can make the yogurt filling and the crust ahead of time, but don’t pour the filling into the crust until you’re ready to serve it, as the yogurt can sometimes make the crust mushy if it sits too long (aka, more than an hour). It’s definitely something you want to try and make fresh.

I hope that you enjoy this tart as much as The Fiance and I did. And we certainly did. Over and over and over again. But more than that, I hope that the strawberries near you are as fresh and crisp as they have been here. We’ve been blessed to have access to these in spite of our remote location, and I’m excited to see the quality of the other produce for the rest of the summer.

It’s raining cats and dogs here, which means that I’m perpetually snuggled beneath my sheepskin blanket on the couch with my dog, watching The Fiance play video games for me (it’s a weird thing we do, don’t ask). After nailing down the first few locations and tickets of our big upcoming Europe trip, we decided to leave the rest to fate and let it unfold organically. No plans, accommodations, or tickets after Ireland, just us deciding where we want to go one step at a time.

Which means that, four months from now, we will either be having a romantic evening in a quiet Venetian restaurant or huddling together for warmth, homeless and sleeping under a bridge.

I hope the bridge is stocked with baguettes.

Until next time, keep hulling.


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