My Top Travel Mistakes Part 3


In the final installment of this series (read the last one here), I’m going to give you the absolute best piece of advice I ever learned on the road. Ever. In the history of my whole travels.

You ready for it?

Be flexible.

That sounds like a bunch of common sense, but when you’re young and dumb and stubborn (like me), common sense isn’t always so common. Let me illustrate:

As I planned my trip to Europe, I was pushed again and again to get the Eurail Pass, as it offers flexibility for funding. I snubbed these pieces of advice, never thinking that I needed flexibility.

“I know what I’m doing and where I’m going, thank you very much.”

It never once occurred to me that I would change my mind about a destination. I never thought that I’d think, “Hey, instead of going to the next place, I want to go somewhere else.” But that’s exactly what happened about halfway through our trip.

Who has two thumbs and got mega fucked out of $1000 worth of rooms and plane tickets? This gal.


If I had listened to the advice of, say, everyone, I would have been alright. But because I wanted to do things my way and be stubborn and set in my ways, I lost a lot of money that I could have spent on something else. Guys, this isn’t just about Europe, as almost every other country and continent has something similar to the Eurail Pass.

This is about never boxing yourself in so badly that you can’t change your mind about something. Whether it’s booking rooms, setting dates, or even choosing your travel partner, the advice is the same: BE FLEXIBLE. Do not convince yourself to get into a situation where changing the plans will either be really hard or impossible.

So that’s the end of this particular series, although certainly not the end of me writing about my travel fuck-ups. If you have a pertinent piece of travel advice, leave it in the comments. If I get enough good advice there, I’ll make a post about it.

Until next time, happy travels.

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